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Motivation Comes in Baby Steps

One of the biggest problems that people face is lack of motivation. Perhaps this is why America has the problem it has with obesity, etc. In any case, take the simple example of exercising. We know that it is good for us, yet so many of us experience excruciating difficulty in actually doing it! Even I am guilty of this charge. For example, I like to run; but about a month ago I was injured in a soccer game when a girl ran into my right knee, causing me to sprain it. The doctor informed me that I would have to take off a solid two weeks from exercise involving me knee.


Vacationing For Health

You hear people claiming all of the time that they 'need a vacation,' and while they may be saying it in passing, the truth is that we could all use a healthy break away from the mundane, stressed world of work. For some people, a vacation means spending time alone as a couple away from the kids, while for others it means involving the kids. Still, for other people, taking a vacation is an extended family deal while for others it means going off by themselves away from everyone they know so that they can be alone and meditate or whatever the case may be.


Censorship on the Internet

Should censorship on the Internet be encouraged or discouraged? At times, it is almost dangerous to think about what is floating out there on the Internet for everyone to see. It almost seems that despite our best efforts, there is nothing that we can truly ever do to prevent children from coming across something that they shouldn't. However, at the same time, we want to be able to feel like we can go on and surf the Internet without finding things that we aren't particularly interested in seeing. For example, just the other day, I was looking up a term for some research that I was doing.


The Sun is Good and Bad For You

The summer is coming, which means that men and women alike will be rushing to the nearest store to get a new bathing suit. You'll also likely see a spike in gym memberships as people will be in a rush to get their bodies into the best shape that they can in order to fit into their bathing suit and look spectacular at the beach. But there is more than one benefit to getting out there and getting some sun.


Battling Depression

Depression strikes us when we least expect it. One minute you're as happy as can be, and then the next minute you're feeling down and don't understand why. Depression is sometimes embarrassing for us to admit to because admitting that you are depressed means that you are admitting that you have some sort of a “medical” problem that may or may not require the assistance or intervention of a third party such as a psychologist, licensed professional counselor (LPC) or psychiatrist.


When Moles Become a Concern

There are some of us who are prone to being mole people. All that I mean by this is that you are prone to having moles pop up in random places on your body. It is somewhat similar for those people who are prone to getting freckles or who already have freckles on their face, etc. While moles help to define who we are, they can sometimes be annoying- and in extreme cases, they can be deadly.


Why Sleep is So Important

Getting the right amount of sleep is perhaps one of the most understate things ever- especially in American culture. Most humans require at least 6-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleep is what helps us to think clearly. It is what helps us to stay fresh and chipper. Have you ever noticed how you feel or how others feel when they haven't gotten enough rest? Most of them are cranky and irritable. They can't think clearly and they often make silly mistakes, are forgetful or have trouble making what should be easy decisions.


Obesity Can Be Genetic

Over a period of years, many people have blamed their extra weight on their genes. "After all", they say, "my mother and father were fat. It just runs in our family." And the overweight are also very quick to point out the skinny family member who eats whatever while remarking that they gain weight just looking at the food.


Help For a Sore Throat

When you have a sore throat, it hurts to talk. It hurts to swallow. Your throat feels tight and you feel miserable. A sore throat is more likely to send you to the doctor than a cold.

However, if you do go to the doctor with a sore throat you may not receive a proper treatment. Quite often doctors prescribe antibiotics to cure a sore throat. However, antibiotics are only effective in treating illnesses caused by bacteria. Most sore throats are the result of cold and flu viruses.


Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Although all us don't live in Alaska where some folks have to hook up their cars to an engine warmer every night, we all still need to think about getting your car ready for winter. If you live in a region where the temperatures dip below freezing only a couple of nights during the winter months, you will need to make sure your car's engine is winterized. You don't want to wake up one frosty morning to find that the block is cracked in your car from freezing temperatures!


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