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How To Lose Weight After Giving Birth?


You gained weight when you were pregnant because you ate more in order to feed yourself and your baby. As your baby grows inside you, you will also get heavier because of the combined weight of the baby, your enlarged placenta and its content.

Most new mothers will immediately lose between 8-15 pounds after giving birth and what is left of the pregnancy weight gain will take some effort to shed. In order to lose these extra pounds, you now have to make some lifestyle changes such as eating the right foods as well as taking up an exercise program.


Travel Tips You Should Never Forget

Are you ready to travel? Being unsure on what to do and what to expect once you reach your destination can actually raise your anxiety and panic. You don’t want that to happen and spoil the opportunity to enjoy the trip. Thus, you better heed to these tips:

1. Check your travel requirements. You don’t want to mess up with the immigration. You can just imagine the horror of being deported, detained, or interrogated for such a long time. Before you even board the plane, make sure you can have your visas and passports ready. Read about the entry requirements. How long are


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