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Self Help For Mental Awareness – 5 Tips to Enhance Your Mental Awareness

Experts believe that in order for you to harness your mind’s full power to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations, you need to have mental awareness. Without mental awareness, your thoughts will be scattered and cluttered, thereby decreasing their ability to create positive ripples in your life.


Make Meditation a Part of Your Lifestyle

By now, you’ve already heard about the growing list of benefits of meditation. The question is, how can you make sure you can really enjoy all of them? The answer is by making it a part of your lifestyle. This means you’re not going to do this only a few times a week. In fact, Buddhist or Tibetan monks meditate not only in few minutes but for several hours. There are others who can meditate for days.

Losing a Loved One: How to Deal With Depression

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest blows you ever have to deal with in your life. After all, you know that you are not going to see them again. It becomes worse when the deceased is someone you depended on all your life, such as your parents or your spouse. It is not going to be surprising any more if you fall into depression.

Nevertheless, death should not be an excuse to linger into depression. As much as possible, you should pull yourself up and prevent yourself from getting embroiled in too much sadness and grief.


Improve Your Writing Skills

There are a lot of reasons why you should learn how to write—at least, know the basics. For one, you're going to need if you're studying or working. Just think about the countless reports and studies you need to create. If you know how to write, moreover, you can actually go on a part-time job online. There are many business owners who are looking for people who can create marketing materials for them.


Travel Tips You Should Never Forget

Are you ready to travel? Being unsure on what to do and what to expect once you reach your destination can actually raise your anxiety and panic. You don’t want that to happen and spoil the opportunity to enjoy the trip. Thus, you better heed to these tips:

1. Check your travel requirements. You don’t want to mess up with the immigration. You can just imagine the horror of being deported, detained, or interrogated for such a long time. Before you even board the plane, make sure you can have your visas and passports ready. Read about the entry requirements. How long are


When You’re Being Criticized: What to Do

Here is the harsh reality about life: you can never please everyone. There will be one, two, or even a multitude of people who are going to criticize you. The negative feedback is fine, really, if it forces you to change yourself for the better. They become something you should be scared about if they change your character for the worst. You become depressed, anxious, and uncertain about yourself.

Is there a way to manage criticisms more effectively? Yes, there are. Here are some of them:


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