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The top ten ways to be unhappy at work, especially after 40!

Most people are good at being unhappy at work

There are so many people who are already unhappy at their work. So probably I don't need to teach them since they are already so good at this. But for those who want to change bad habits a reminder sometimes is a good idea.

1. Work for JUST the money


Trade Stock Cycles or Buy and Hold?

Thirty years ago it made sense to buy and hold. Then, the cycles in which stocks moved had relatively small amplitude compared to the gain that could be anticipated for the year. Now, stocks swing in cycles with trough-to-peak moves comparable to what once was hoped would be the gain for an entire year. Obviously things have changed. Now, it is not uncommon for stocks to swing up and down within a few weeks to a few months as much as they once gained in a year, sometimes more.


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