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How Stress Affects A Person

Everyone knows that stress exists. You and I deal with it every single day of our lives. But, what many don't understand is how stress affects a person. It can change who you are, what you think, and how you feel.

As humans, we all cope with stress in our own ways. We may choose to ignore it which really isn't coping and can lead to more serious physical and mental health problems. Or we may turn it to our advantage, run from it, or get beaten down by it. Whichever way we choose to deal with stress the fact remains the same: Stress does affect a person and should not be ignored.

Are soft drinks safe to drink?

For years, I have been hearing that soft drinks are harmful for us. At the same time, soft drinks such as coca cola have been the international drink for decades. During all these years, neither FDA nor any other government body (to the best of my knowledge and research) pulled these products off the shelf. Soft drink companies have been aggressively targeting children since several years and no government seems to object to this either.

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