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Focus On Yourself

Today is the first day of the new year, 2014. I wish you a very Happy New Year. However, may I ask you a question. Do you honestly think that 2014 will be a happy year for you? If you have set realistic goals and willing to follow through then I have no doubt in saying that 2014 will be a great year for you.

Meditation and Self Improvement Tips


Self improvement tips that will help you realize your inner-self. Opening yourself up through meditation can be a powerful experience that leads to better and more positive results for you.

As we journey through life, many of us will receive some kind of self improvement advice from other people that seem to be successful and happy with their own lives. We may not fully appreciate or even accept their advice, no matter how thoughtful their intentions might be. It's also been suggested, even if the self improvement advice is good, rely on your own judgments.

Build Your Self Esteem: A Starter Guide To Self Improvement

In today's fast-paced, difficult environment, it can be tough to keep your self-esteem intact and to stay calm. Here are some things you can do in your quest for self-improvement and to build your self-esteem.

No matter who you are, there are things in your environment every day that can affect your self-esteem negatively. Therefore, it's important for you to protect yourself so that those influences don't affect you and bring you down. Which of these elements should you avoid?

Number one: A negative work environment

Self Improvement: Leisure Time, Retirement Time

You've worked all your life and now you are looking forward to retirement. How will you spend your time?

Many people have not created balance in their lives between work and play, so when it comes to leisure time or retirement, they don't know what to do with their time.

If you no longer have to work, or you are working less, here are five areas that you can attend to regarding how you spend your time.


Discipline is Essential for Self Improvement

Most of us are regularly exposed to information offering get rich quick schemes and ways to make our fortune for little or even no effort. This is probably even more the case for students of Self Improvement than for most other people.

There may even be some people who have become rich as a result of such offers!

A Better Way of Life - Seven Day Program for Self-Improvement

I seemed to lost count on how many times I've read and heard of celebrity marriages failing almost left and right. Not that I care (and personally I don't), it seems strange that we often see movie and TV stars as flawless people, living the fairytale life of riches and glamour. I suppose we all have to stop sticking our heads in the clouds and face reality.

There are many ways to lose your sense of self-esteem despite of how trivial it could get. But whatever happens, we should all try not to lose our own sense of self.

Don't Let Yourself Go

Have you read a book or participated in a physical activity lately? I had no idea how soft I was getting mentally and physically. Stop and look at yourself. You see what I'm talking about but do not want to believe what you see. I am right on point concerning this matter for most of us. Think about it and be honest with yourself. I want you to stop here and take a minute to assess you mental and physical state on a scale of 1 to 10. Time's up, anything less than an honest 5 and you need to make a mental note to yourself as I have done.

How To Play to Your Strengths

There is a common mistake many people make when they want to improve their people skills. You may even make the same mistake
at times without noticing.

This mistake involves focusing so much on your apparent weaknesses that you neglect your strengths and disempower yourself even further. Self improvement then becomes a painful introspective experience that never improves your life.

How to know if you make this mistake...

Achieving Optimum Health


"Optimum health is not just the absence of disease but the presence of wellness in mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social areas. Some would also include financial health."


Optimum health is essential at all levels, from the individual to the society we live in to the environment around us. We have to start thinking of wealth not just in terms of possession of money and properties but also the possession of mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being.

Mental Health:

The truth is mind is the forerunner of all states.

Break Bad Habits Now With Affirmations


Affirmations can be really helpful to break bad habits if you are persistent about it.

In order for you to really break bad habits you must: a) be aware that the unconscious mind exists and b) learn how to manipulate its existence. And affirmations are great and powerful techniques in which, if used effectively, could bring out and address directly to your unconscious being.

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