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What Is Memory Retention

There are many ways of classifying the human mind and its ability to retain information. One of the most often used classifications are based on the duration of memory retention, specifically the sensory, short term and long term memory. Short term memory refers to the recent memory, and is usually only held for a very short period of time. A common example would be when you meet many new people, cursorily introduced at a party. Long term memory, on the other hand, can be thought of as a database where all the information that you have learnt is kept.


Benefits Of Improving Self Confidence

Everyone knows that having a low self esteem is unhealthy and bad and thus would want to set out to improve their self confidence. However, while most may not fully understand why they have low self confidence, and just want to simply try to build up their self confidence because they think that it will make them happier.

Of course, having healthy and strong self confidence will probably make you happier and more satisfied with yourself and your life. Below, we will point out more of the benefits that improving your self confidence will bring you.

1. Spillover Effect


How To Build Confidence In Children

It is important to pay close attention to developing your child’s self confidence as this is something that will carry over as they grow up. Most self confidence issues occur when they are young, and there are many reasons for why a child is lacking in self confidence. Keep in mind that your child requires constant validation and approval from you, and it is important to balance your praise with criticism when dealing with them.


How To Speak With Confidence During Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art form, when you deliver a presentation or a speech in front of an audience. In a survey, it is the greatest fear of the people who were polled, so you are definitely not alone if the thought of public speaking makes your knees tremble. Whilst public speaking can be taught and trained, the one key factor that you must possess is self confidence. With it, you will be able to trust in your own ability to cope with accidental hiccups, or unexpected questions shot your way.


Avoiding Short Term Memory Loss

Various names for memory loss are amnesia and dementia. One of our biggest fears as we age is losing our mental facilities, and how to deal with family members who are experiencing such memory loss. Short term memory loss can be triggered by stroke, circulation, Alzheimer’s as well as poor conductivity in the brain. However, take heart that memory loss is temporary and can be improved or avoided.

What is Short Term Memory?


Unlocking The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

The key to making your subconscious mind work for you is in your attitude. Having a positive self-esteem and confidence in yourself can go a long way towards achieving the goals that you have set out for your mind. Whilst many people believe that confidence and esteem comes with your personality, which is determined at birth, it is not true. It is never too late to start cultivating and improving your inner image and resources, primarily that of your subconscious mind.


4 Quick Tips To Improve Your Self Confidence

Self confidence is akin to a tool. It provides you with a sense of certainty, and helps you to manage your fears. Self
confidence is usually built up through a history of positive experiences, and with an improved sense of self confidence you will find that your esteem and mental state will be greatly improved as well. With self confidence, you would be able to keep your head high as you walk along the streets and would not be afraid to engage in a conversation with another person.


Stress – What Is Stress?

Stress refers to the strain from the conflict between our external environment and us, leading to emotional and physical pressure. In our fast paced world, it is impossible to live without stress, whether you are a student or a working adult. There is both positive and negative stress, depending on each individual’s unique perception of the tension between the two forces. Not all stress is bad. For example, positive stress, also known as eustress, can help an individual to function at optimal effectiveness and efficiency.


The Definition of Confidence

When we are talking about confidence, there are many ways that we can actually describe this to you, and in that respect, this article will be talking to you a little on the many ways the human being defines confidence, and also, how you can bring a little more into your life. For one thing, being confident is something that most people either do naturally or strive to do.

Control Over Body and Mind is a Trick You Can Learn

One of the major forms of understanding when you are talking about mind and body control is that most of us in the human race, has no control whatsoever over them, and when you are thinking about this, you should know that most of us are ruled by our emotions, the drivers of whatever we do mentally and physiologically. So, when you are trying to understand why the human race are so helpless, you can know that there are ways that you can unlock the power of your mind and regain control of your mind and body.

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