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Four Drinks to Improve Your Health

When you're thirsty, what do you reach for? When you're having dinner, or at a bar, or just rolling out of bed? The choices are huge, and range from the most awful of ice-cream concoction smoothie monsters at fast food joints that weigh in at a couple of thousand calories to simple water (though even water is no longer really that simple). What is the best bet for any given social situation? Here we provide you with a guide to help you navigate the treacherous shoals of drinking dilemmas, and point out why you should reach for this, and not for that.


3 Guy Habits That Ruin Diets

You’re a dude. Or a girl who acts like one. Which means you act in a certain way, have certain idiosyncratic approaches to eating and nutrition that most likely hamper and hinder your desire to lose weight. What are you doing wrong? Why is it so hard to shed those stubborn pounds? Maybe your habits need some changing. Let’s take a close look at your guy habits that seem normal, and see if they might just be tripping you up!

Speed Eating

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