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Writing A Resume

In today's economy, the competition for employment is high. Therefore, your ability to present yourself and make a good first impression through a resume is absolutely crucial. Writing a resume may seem like a daunting task, however it does not have to be a tedious process. Your resume really only has one goal: to attract the interest of a prospective employer. A resume is not an autobiography, nor does it need to answer every question a company may have about you. Sell yourself in a concise, yet thought out manner.

Building a Resume

How to Avoid Exaggerating in Your Resume

When you’re drafting a resume, it is tempting to stretch the truth some so that you appear to be more impressive than maybe your skills might indicate. However, while there is such a thing as packaging yur resume in a smart way, choosing words that tell the truth, yet sound sensational, for example, you want to avoid flat-out exaggerating.

So, how can you avoid crossing the fine line from smart resume packaging to exaggeration? Here are a few ideas to consider :

Choose Creative Ways to Describe Your Skills and Accomplishments

Major Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances at a Job Interview

There’s no doubt that going on a job interview is a critical portion of a job candidate’s application process. If you were lucky enough to have a resume that got you through the door, the interview will provide you with an opportunity to further prove that you’re right for the position.

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