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How to Avoid Exaggerating in Your Resume

When you’re drafting a resume, it is tempting to stretch the truth some so that you appear to be more impressive than maybe your skills might indicate. However, while there is such a thing as packaging yur resume in a smart way, choosing words that tell the truth, yet sound sensational, for example, you want to avoid flat-out exaggerating.

So, how can you avoid crossing the fine line from smart resume packaging to exaggeration? Here are a few ideas to consider :

Choose Creative Ways to Describe Your Skills and Accomplishments

What Your Body Language Says in Your Interviews

Did you know that the way you sit, smile and shake hands can speak volumes during a job interview? It’s true. There is no manual to read to determine how you should manage your body language; however, if you make certain gestures, you’re definitely sending a certain message.

So how can you know what message you’re sending with the body language you’re using? Here is a quick guide to give you some ideas of what you’re saying with your gestures.

Crossing Your Legs

Creating an Effective Master Resume

If you've been submitting resumes for many different types of positions, you could certainly benefit from a master resume. Master resumes allow you to organize the different sections of your resume in a clear way, and let you change out key bits of information or certain sections of the resume before submitting your resume to a potential employer.

Major Mistakes That Ruin Your Chances at a Job Interview

There’s no doubt that going on a job interview is a critical portion of a job candidate’s application process. If you were lucky enough to have a resume that got you through the door, the interview will provide you with an opportunity to further prove that you’re right for the position.

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