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Top Tips For Getting Through Airport Security

The most dreaded part of an airline trip these days isn't the flight; it's the trip through airport security. Travelers worry about long waits in checkpoint lines, random secondary inspections and having their checked baggage opened and searched for contraband. While the Transportation Security Administration is working hard to streamline the process, safety is still job number one, and that means inconveniences. Here are some tips for breezing through airport security.

Flying with Kids

It's a parent's worst nightmare: taking a long airplane trip with a . It's not just a question of getting the child to sit still for several hours, it's trying to keep him or her busy, interested and, above all - quiet! Sound like an impossible task? It doesn't have to be. Here are some tried and true tips for turning your child into a perfect airline-traveling companion:
- Pack plenty of books and games, especially handheld electronic games (don't forget the batteries!)

- Bring along coloring books and crayons.

Where oh where is my luggage?

Bob flew to Dallas on a business trip last week. His flew to Denver. Somewhere between check-in and takeoff, Bob's bags made a wrong turn and ended upon on another flight. He didn't see them again for two days! Though most of the time airlines manage to get the right luggage on the right flight, around one-half of one percent of the more than two billion bags checked each year are lost or delayed. Here's how you can make sure your luggage doesn't take an unscheduled trip.

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