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6 Mistakes To Avoid While Earning Your Online Degree

Doing well in pursuit of your online business degree is complicated enough minus the additional burden of obstacles you force on yourself. This is especially valid if you're working full-time. But many pupils create avoidable obstacles for themselves by making basic errors. Generally, the errors are minor, but compound themselves until the individual is forced to withdraw from his or her classes.

Winning at Working--As If They Were You


"Treat everybody else as if they were you." These words gave me pause. I wonder what it would be like if we each did what this "unknown author" is advocating?

Would she still have abandoned her station at the airport fast food restaurant to get a fork and share a pastry with her friend while her customers waited if she followed this adage? Would he still have sat by the window of the plane with his feet on the seat and knees in my husband's space? And would he have cut off the driver in back of him causing her to miss her exit in urban rush hour? Probably not.

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