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Honduras Delivers Wildlife Wow!


Amidst a Caribbean spirit, laid-back Hondureños are a friendly bunch, especially those from La Ceiba. The small port city of about 170,000 Ceibeños, called "Ceiba" for short (pronounced "say-bah"), marks the jumping off point for north-coast eco-adventures.

Travelers tired of too-trodden paths will delight in the unspoiled beauty of Honduras' north central coast. While its relaxed culture certainly charms, the abundant wildlife here really gives this area its zing.


Five Ways to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude keeps us centered and wards off jealousy and negativity.

Here are five little things we can do each day to nourish our sense of gratitude:

1. Choose your friends wisely.
If you want to be more grateful, spend time with grateful people. Spend time with positive people to be more positive; joyful people to be more joyful; critical people to be more critical; irritated people to feel more irritated.

If you strive to be spiritually strong, supportive, empowering, intelligent, energetic, and positive, seek those characteristics in others.


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