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Make Meditation a Part of Your Lifestyle

By now, you’ve already heard about the growing list of benefits of meditation. The question is, how can you make sure you can really enjoy all of them? The answer is by making it a part of your lifestyle. This means you’re not going to do this only a few times a week. In fact, Buddhist or Tibetan monks meditate not only in few minutes but for several hours. There are others who can meditate for days.

Meditation and Self Improvement Tips


Self improvement tips that will help you realize your inner-self. Opening yourself up through meditation can be a powerful experience that leads to better and more positive results for you.

As we journey through life, many of us will receive some kind of self improvement advice from other people that seem to be successful and happy with their own lives. We may not fully appreciate or even accept their advice, no matter how thoughtful their intentions might be. It's also been suggested, even if the self improvement advice is good, rely on your own judgments.

How To Get The Most Out Of Brainwave Meditation

Training yourself to make brainwave meditation work for you takes a bit of patience. But the rewards can be tremendous and well worth the effort. That is because of all the various meditation techniques, brainwave meditation combines traditional meditation disciplines with the science of monitoring and controlling the flow of your brainwaves for the good of your health and well-being.

The Power Of Success Affirmations

Success quotations or affirmations as they are known to some, are an exceptional and important part in shifting your life from disaster to success.

Affirmations are a repeated phrase, mantra, sentence or word that is invigoratingly creating the opportunities and success that you seek to become real. To put it simply, by saying something enough to yourself will align yourself to make it happen.

The Spiritual Wisdom of Meditation

People associate meditation with calm, peace and tranquillity. What we don't, however, associate it with is
pain. The spiritual wisdom gained through meditation is, nevertheless, all about pain - deep emotional pain. Not removing it but truly feeling it. Sound scary? Well, the truth is that there is no human on Earth who has lived a life free of suffering. This is so universal a fact that the Buddha virtually crafted it into a definition of existence; "life is suffering".

A Psychiatrist' s Tips for Good Mental Health in the New Year

I have worked in the field of mental health for over a decade now, and in this time, I have seen all manner of
mental health problems and difficulties strike all manner of people. In fact, none of us are free from occasional
psychological hang ups - whether it's someone pressing our buttons or a sudden bout of anxiety or despair in a situation we would normally be able to handle with relative ease.

Today, a Wonderful Day

Believe me, today is the most wonderful day of your life! You live in today; drink, dine, walk, talk, work and play today. Living today is not enough, make it a wonderful day for you.

In order to make your today a wonderful day, get up from the bed early in the morning. While brushing your teeth, brush away the unfounded fears about today. Look in the mirror and say: It's a wonderful day!

Go for a morning walk. Look what you were missing in your life. The chattering of birds, the smile of flowers and the (good) morning breeze gently touching your body. What a wonderful day!

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