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Keep Your Personal Strength and Power Alive

Initially after a health crisis hits, after the shock of the diagnosis and the meetings with your doctors, hope and desire to overcome the illness is strong. Your loved ones and friends are supportive and positive. Hope is a powerful thing and is necessary in managing to maintain a positive outlook.

Can Money Buy Happiness?

Aristotle famously determined, "Happiness is the meaning and purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence." Though most Americans would not dispute this dictate evidence suggests Americans believe the most typical and direct route to happiness is by way of money. Many have come to believe money can buy happiness.

In a literal sense money cannot buy happiness, as happiness is a feeling. Happiness is a state or condition of
contentment or satisfaction, jubilation or joy. Happiness ultimately is an internal sensation, a state of being.

Love or Die!

If you cannot love, you can't live because love is the soul of life. Can you imagine of living without soul? Of course not!
What love really is?

Love is much more than the romantic feelings, physical attraction, or sexual desires between a man and woman. Love is the divine force within you which keeps you motivated to do the things you love to do. When you are in love your excitement level crosses all boundaries thus giving you the most powerful inner strength you need to excel in any field of life.

Are you in love?

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