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Helping Friends and Family Members with Diabetes

It is not easy to learn that your close family member or friends are being diagnosed with diabetes. It is even harder for those who are diagnosed with it to face the music. Recognizing that diabetes is a disease without a known cure might help you to understand the confusion and hardship your loved ones have to go through.

Women Owning the Workplace: Tips to Guide Female Entrepreneurs

Women are taking the business world by storm, and it doesn’t look like they’re backing down. According the Womenentrepreneur.com, women-owned firms are the fastest growing in the country. Women are looking beyond the traditional roles and moving ahead to a new role: entrepreneur. This does not necessarily mean women are swapping roles with their spouses (although some are), but they simply may be adding owning a business to their list of daily duties.

Croup Cough in Young Children

If your young child has ever awakened in the middle of the night crying, having difficulty breathing, and with a cough that sounds similar to that of a barking seal, then you are already familiar with a childhood illness commonly known as croup.

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