Rochelle Melander

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Clean Your Office and Get Back Six Weeks of Time!

The Wall Street Journal reported that people lose as much as six weeks a year just searching for information. Can you afford that kind of time loss? No one can. Yes, you can work in chaos—but you are going to lose time and focus. You will work more efficiently when your workspace is clutter free. Start by committing yourself to a clean desktop. You cannot think about big ideas if your desktop is full of action items. Here's how to make your office clutter free right now.

Stop the Anxiety! A Quick Guide for Overcoming Panic Attacks

I had my first panic attack while giving a speech. One minute I was telling a joke and appreciating the reaction of the crowd. In the next moment, I felt like I was watching myself from a distance. My heart raced, my body shook, and I could not catch my breath. I wondered how I'd be able to finish my talk without anyone noticing. Somehow, I did finish the speech. But the panic was not finished with me.

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