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Four Health Tips to Enhancing Your Brain


Long thought to be the soul of the human psyche, the human brain weighs in at about 3 pounds or 1300-1400g. What we know about the brain expands almost daily as new science finds more and more nuances that control our perception of life around us. We know that it controls what keeps us alive: respiration, digestion, heartbeat and a number of other involuntary or automatic functions of the body. Without our brain constantly working in the background, we would not be able to live.

Top 5 Sources of Energy Drain

Along with time and money, energy is one of your most valuable resources. And if you're a professional woman, it's a resource that's most likely in short supply. With the myriad number of professional and personal tasks you need to accomplish, while taking care of your family, you have very little - if any - energy left over for you. It's easy to understand your dilemma.

Maintaining Your Body's Energy and Sharp Mind

When we're feeling tired and stressed, it's easy to reach for a "quick fix", strong coffee in the morning, chocolate in the middle of the afternoon, a caffeine-based energy drink to keep us powering through the night. There's no doubt these provide the immediate perception of a lift, but they don't help the body deal with the underlying cause of energy deprivation. The key to proper management of stress related fatigue is about providing the nervous and adrenal system support that enables the body to deal with fatigue.

Eating for energy.

Students Sharpen Your Focus and Banish Your Stress Too!!!

Do you come home stressed from college? Does researching for that assessment leave you frazzled? Do you lie awake at night worrying about your exams? What do you do? Reach for a drink? Watch the TV? Complain to your friends? None of these solves the problem.

You can now simply listen to a special type of music and quickly feel relaxed, energised and sociable again. Some of us already listen to music whilst we are studying, but how do you know you have the right sort of music to help you to concentrate?

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