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How To Calm Yourself In Stressful Situations

Has something stressful or upsetting happened to you recently? Maybe it was a fender bender car accident, or telling a friend she did something that hurt you, or being triggered by something your spouse said, or stepping on stage to make a presentation.

Even when you are following what lights you up and creating more of what you truly want in life, not every moment of every day will be filled with ease, joy, and pleasure. Each of us has moments, situations, and experiences that stress and upset us.

Eight Keys to Success

Who among us does not want to be successful? Everybody wants to achieve some level of success, whether it be in their personal life or in the business world. Below are eight keys to success that everyone should follow in their daily routine.

Never Settle For Ordinary!

I have discovered a common attribute among successful people no matter the age, profession or location in the world ... they never settle for ordinary.

Getting Through To People

Clients often ask me for tools and techniques to make them more effective in working with people. In a coaching session, whenever
we discuss and practice how to handle a particular person or situation, they usually end up recognizing that the connection is the most important thing. In this article, we will look at rapport first then how to meet opposition.

Three Keys to Establish Rapport

Embracing Your Natural Beauty

As unique individuals of a similar species, we are all born with qualities that distinctively distinguish us from one another. There are many congenital factors which contribute to our originality such as culture, customs, environment, and genetics. With that being said, our physical characteristics contribute to painting the world in its beautiful colors, adding texture and zest to what would otherwise be a bland, featureless world. Skin tones can range in color from pink, yellow, olive, golden, bronze, to many different shades of brown.

Follow The Crowd And You'll Never Become Rich!

This may shock you. Research in the USA has shown that less than 5% of people reach financial independence by the time they retire. Only around 1% (one in a hundred) becomes wealthy.

My advice is to start thinking differently. If you follow the crowd by following the example of the 95%... where are you heading?

If you do the same things that almost everyone else does, then there is a good chance you will end up with the same results as they do.

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