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Top 5 Sources of Energy Drain

Along with time and money, energy is one of your most valuable resources. And if you're a professional woman, it's a resource that's most likely in short supply. With the myriad number of professional and personal tasks you need to accomplish, while taking care of your family, you have very little - if any - energy left over for you. It's easy to understand your dilemma.

Carbohydrates - An Important Source Of Energy

Nutrition in the form of CarbsCarbs are often referred to as simple or complex. Simple are a form of sugar and complex come from starchy foods. Complex carbs are broken down into two types refined and unrefined - both are a good source of energy. Confused - well let's break it down a bit!

Benefits Of Carbs - The Scientific Bit:

* Carbs are converted to glucose for immediate energy and glycogen for reserve energy

* They are the main source of energy for all body functions and muscular exertion

* The brain and nervous system rely purely upon glucose produced from carbs

All the Strength You Need

Strength is power, force, might, vigor, potency – the capacity to withstand adversity and to influence or control circumstances. Most often, we associate strength with "physical" ability; however, strength of character and strength of will have more far-reaching consequences. Character and will lead to the source of strength.

Personal Development: It's the Thought that Counts

Our lives are the product of what we ourselves do to create them. Although, ultimately, we cannot fully control our lives, we can, in the right frame of mind, exert a huge influence on our success and happiness. Unfortunately, however, the normal person exerts little or no influence at all over the course of their lives because they have no concept of their own ability to grasp full control of the one and only thing that all us can control - our own state of mind. Indeed, I suspect that it has never even occurred to the majority of people that they can control their own state of mind.

8 Ways To Energize Your Life

Life force, oomph, chi, prana, passion, energy - whatever you call it, having a sense of liveliness is highly sought after these days, yet quite elusive, given the ever-increasing pace and breadth of our days. Many people worry about their lack of energy, and the number of people feeling fatigued is on the rise. Most frequently, these problems stem from stress, or from what I refer to as "chronic overdoingitis" - but relax, it's curable!

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