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How to Deal with Discouragement and Develop Exceptional People Skills

Ever feel like giving up? Do you ever feel so discouraged that even one more day of frustration will be too much to handle?

Everyone gets discouraged at times however there are a number of key differences between people who keep on going and those who give up:

1 Focus On Your Goal Not On Your Problems

One of my mentors is a highly successful property developer and he loves solving problems. All day long he can take on one problem after the next and just keep going.

How does he do this when most people would feel overwhelmed?

What Not to Do Every Day

With time flying by faster and faster every day, you already know it’s important to decide what you’re going to do each day. However, it’s equally important to know what not to do. Add some Don’ts to your day, and see how it helps with all those Do’s.

Don’t over schedule your day.

Brush Up On Your Barbeque Etiquette

Summer has arrived, marking the beginning of the barbeque season. This is the time of the year when the grill is hauled out and cleaned off, the required cooking utensils are inventoried, the lawn furniture is hosed down, and the sauces and rubs are added to the grocery list. It is also the time for revisiting your barbeque etiquette.

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