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Importance of water conservation

For all living beings on this planet, water means life. Looking at our oceans, it is easy to be deceived that we have abundant water. Ocean water is salty water and it cannot sustain life on land. Most land species require fresh water. Fresh water is only 2 percent of the water of this planet. Most of it is frozen and in polar ice caps and rapidly melting and dissolving into the oceans. Humans, industry, crops, and wildlife (plants and animals in the wilderness) compete for the remaining fresh water.

The Best Things You Can Do To Fight Childhood Obesity


According to experts, over 60 percent of Americans are overweight, 31 percent are obese, and nearly 4 million weigh 300 pounds or more. It's obvious that Americans are literally “living large.”

This new found girth should surprise no one. Large portions of cheap food are just a drive-thru away. Most of our hobbies involve sitting in front of a video screen. And you'll be hard pressed to find a job that doesn't have us tethered to a desk and slaving away over a computer. As a society we eat poorly and exercise infrequently.

How To Build Immunity Through "Correct" Food


A 1999 study of the American Cancer Society suggests that over one-third of the 563,100 cancer deaths were caused by nutrition. But more importantly, on the brighter side, it concluded that most of these could have been prevented.

Why? What's going wrong? Despite our improved standard of living, why are infections and disease more rampant. Why are our bodies not able to respond effectively?

The answers lie in eating habits. Little do we realize that being fed on "junk" food and the "rushed" eating habits are taking a heavy toll of our physical AND mental health.

Food That Cause Bloating

Bloating is a very common symptom that people often experience after eating a meal. The bloating is usually felt in the lower part of the abdomen and sometimes in the upper section. Bloating usually feels as if there is pressure being applied from the inside and people often report that they can look up

If It's Not Food, Don't Eat It!


When Betty first came to me she was taking seven medications, had severe osteoarthritis, could barely walk, was in constant pain and had to catheterize herself daily—among other things. She had heard that making dietary changes could be beneficial to her health, but doubted it could work for her. Betty sought nutrition and health coaching only because she could no longer afford her medications and her friend had insisted.

Children, Diabetes, Insomnia & Food Deprivation

Childhood diabetes, insomnia and food deprivation goes hand in hand. Show me a diabetic kid and I'll show you a food deprived kid. Yes that child is very probably over weight but still deprived of the foods that will keep him/her healthy!

You say, “How can he/she be food deprived if overweight?” That’s an easy question to answer but not so simple to solve. McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, macaroni & cheese and the likes puts a mass of food into the body but it is devoid of nutrients necessary for health. The food deprivation comes

Eating For Life

Eating is an essential part of life. We cannot sustain life for long without eating, so it is important that we take the time to learn how to eat well in order to have the best life possible. Our views of eating and the eating practices we adopt will affect our lives and our health in significant ways in the months and years ahead. Eating well can literally change everything.


Author: Kathy Thompson
Published: 2004-03-04
If you drop a bomb, you kill not only your enemies but your friends as well. This is the effect food additives have on humans.

Man has existed for thousands of years, and only started using additives at the start of the industrial revolution, when women were set free. Most animals eat their food when and where it is grown. Not humans. Man, because of his concentrated urban areas, was forced to ship and process his food.

Prevent Those Return To School Illnesses!

Kids are back to school and that means sick inducing bugs running rampant. Kids spread germs like wildfire. Your household in under bombardment once your child has returned to school. Protect you and yours using the right information?

Once the flu shots start to be given you can watch things progress even faster! I have never understood the mentality of making the immune system sick to prevent something? Sick immune systems cannot fight off bacteria or viruses.

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