Janie Jonah

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The Cause Of Tooth Decay

Maintaining good oral health seems to be something that more and more people aren't paying attention to. With vending machines around every corner and strong messages through advertising tempting us to eat the latest taste-bud sensation dentists are becoming increasingly worried that many of us are not eating properly balanced diets and are filling up with foods like crisps, fizzy soda's and sweetened fruit juices. The phrase, 'You are what you eat' springs to mind.

Plan To Eat Healthily

Healthy eating is important. So why is it not a priority for those overweight? Well, some may say they simply don't have the time to find out more or write down a plan or even decide on what to eat. I think this can lead to disaster, and especially putting yourself at risk. Obese people really are eating themselves to death. Our hearts simply aren't strong enough to pump blood to such extremes.

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