Michelle Bery

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Healthy Living With The Green Tea Diet

With the increasing focus on weight loss and healthy eating, we are subjected on a daily basis to an overwhelming amount of information. It seems that every day brings the advent of some new weight loss product that promises to help us shed pounds and get healthy in one fell swoop. It's no wonder that we're all so confused. But those who understand the components of healthy weight loss know that a focus on natural, whole foods can increase your body's health and bring you to a weight that's appropriate for you.


Individual Causes Of Stress

The ways in which people experience stress are as unique as the individuals themselves; and the causes just as varied. Causes of
stress are diverse and can result in a downward spiral of physical and emotional health. To battle and conquer stress, one must first understand their own individual causes of stress so as to handle situations that arise with clarity and preparedness.

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