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So you have asthma? Think you can’t exercise safely? Read on, my friend, and discover how you *can* do so safely and how your body will benefit from the exertion!

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that is marked by the following characteristics that are present during episodes of airflow obstruction:

Shortness of breath
Chest tightness

It tends to occur in people who are genetically or environmentally presdisposed to the condition. Some of the triggers that might start or make an attack worse include:

Exposure to allergens (animal dander, pollen, mold)

Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic lung condition in which inflammation of the airways or bronchi, affects the way air enters and leaves the lungs, disrupting breathing. It is the most troublesome of the respiratory diseases.

Following are the major asthma symptoms:

- Choked lungs
- Improper breathing
- Congested chest
- Cough
- Inflammation in chest
- Breathing with sound of a whistle
- Thick mucus formation

Don’t for Asthma

- Do not eat fried and spicy foods.
- Try to avoid curds and buttermilk as they take long to digest.


How to prevent your nasal allergy?

Do you know why and how your nose could feel itching and sensitive? The substances that cause itching and sensitive of your nose are called allergens. These include pollen, mold, dust mites, certain foods, latex, animal dander, and others. These allergens sensitize the nasal mucosal membrane through a sensitization process, which typically involves a few types of cell in our body, such as macrophage, lymphocyte and mast cell. In the beginning of the sensitization, allergens penetrate through the mucosal surface in our nasal passage.

Six Tips to Help Reduce Asthma Symptoms

If you've ever had an asthma attack, you know how miserable it is to be doing something and then not be able to breathe.

The following information is not intended to replace medical advice (Asthma is a serious condition that should always be checked by a doctor), but these tips may be helpful to reduce some of your asthma symptoms.

Childhood Allergies, Asthma and Natural Remedies!

Asthma and allergies are of epidemic proportion in our children's lives and getting worse, due to the toxins floating in our environment. The prescribed medications given for those problems speed up their hearts and suppress the immune system making it impossible to get better. When they should normalize their immune system instead. I know what I speak of, as I had some Pulmonary Function Tests done a few years ago and never again. I had the most horrible day and night from the horrible affects of the medication administered during the PFT's. I will never do that again!

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