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Want To Succeed In Business, Social, Personal Life? Take Good Care Of Your Personal Image

Your personal image: It’s the most important YOU asset you own.

Your personal image, the perception that people have about you, affects your success in every aspect of life - your life on the job, your social life, even your love life!

That is true because, no matter who you are or what you do, your success depends on what other people THINK about you - the image
they have of you.

Your personal image has a number of elements. The way you dress, the colors you choose, the way you talk and the wayyou relate to others are some of the more important ones.

Some examples:

Top Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

By now it's no secret that women are leaving corporate America to start their own businesses at twice the rate of men. Statistics show that over 75% of women-owned enterprises open for business in 1997 were still operating in 2000. That's about equal to the survival rate of all U.S. businesses. Recent data also indicates that women invest more in their businesses than do men. Which just goes to show - women have it what takes to run and maintain successful operations.

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