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How to Handle Stress by Managing your Levels?


Stress is a natural and unavoidable feature of modern life. When the pressures of life become too much and we can't cope, stress operates like a screw gradually turning tighter and tighter. Often we don't realise that we are under stress - until the pressure becomes too much and the lid starts lifting... then we crack. Humans are vulnerable and live under an optimum level of stress every day - they often don't know how to cope, when the pressure builds up too much...but what can we do about it to make our lives easier?


The Reasons for Financial Failure


"Money can't buy you happiness. But it helps you to be miserable in comfort."

Why do people not achieve financial success?

Reason One: Lack of knowledge: or more specifically, a lack of desire to gain knowledge. Make the effort to read about financial matters and you will learn. Many people don't know where to go for unbiased advice so they do nothing.


How to Make Your Wildest Dreams A Reality


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According to Bill Gates there are 3 keys to success in any new venture:

1) Being in the right place at the right time! (You could well be already there!)

2) Have a vision of where the industry/business you're working in is going!

3) Taking Massive and Immediate Action! (It is time to act!)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the quality of their dreams."

Was it Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe, the famous German poet and philosopher who said those wise words?

Here are my 15 steps to fulfilling my wildest dreams . . . .

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