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Stress Release Via Personal Care

If you notice a greater deal of stress at home or work, or any other place for that matter, try to learn helpful ways to talk about conflicts and reduce the stress.

Take notice of your everyday actions and activities to see what, if anything you can modify in order to make your life simpler and relieve your feelings of stress.

Stop Procrastination Now

How long did it take you to realize the benefits of removing a splinter right away from your finger? As a child, removing that splinter seemed like an awful thing to do, but experience FINALLY taught us that if we leave it alone, it will only get infected, get worse, and be a whole lot harder to deal with.

But have you really learned this lesson yet?

Allowing - even courting - delay in your life is a huge road block between you and a great life. When you respond to a problem, situation, request, task, etc. without delay, you minimize the action - and the pain -- involved. .

10 Ways To Upgrade Your Life

1. Reflect your higher self

Align those things you value most with your goals in life. Your goals should express who you are and the things you hold most dear to your self. A deeper sense of fulfillment will come when your values are aligned with your goals.

2. Design environments which pull your forward.

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