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Fight Stress And Win

There is a very simple formula for preventing stress so you can relax. BREATHING + FOOD + EXERCISE + SLEEP + CONFIDENCE + LAUGHTER = RELAXATION

Meaning in Death=Meaning in Life

Monday of this week I witnessed something devastating while attending a work related function. We were just finishing dinner while we listened to our speaker's words when she suddenly collapsed. Of course, we were all concerned and alarmed but the consensus was that she fainted from nerves and possibly the heat.

In her mid 40's, this woman had died from an aneurysm right in front of us all. It is not often that anyone witnesses such a moment.

Life Would Be Scary Without Pills


If you have a problem, don't get too concerned. Just go to the drug store and buy a pill. These days, you can take a pill for almost anything.

Afraid you might get pregnant? Take a pill. Worried about going bald? Take a pill. Feel like killing your boss? Take a pill.

Pills are now considered one of the three major food groups. The other two, of course, are chocolate and ice cream.

Without pills, we'd be walking around in constant anguish. "Oh, my head. Oh, my back. Oh, my erectile dysfunction."


Secrets to Sound Sleep

Feeling drowsy? You may not be getting enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation can lead to a loss of strength and a compromised immune system as well as a decrease in concentration, memory, and learning ability. Perhaps most noticeably, sleep loss often results in a downright rotten mood and the inability to cope with those small pressures and stresses you confront each day.

But a single good night's sleep can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Here's how to get one tonight:

During the day

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