Paul Bauer

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The Importance of Your Dream


A visitor to our site asks, "Why is it important to have a Dream? I’m used to setting goals and 'just doing it.'

How Deep Breathing Can Help You Relieve Stress And Attract What You Desire


Deep breathing, otherwise known as diaphragmatic breathing, has been practiced for centuries. Some think that this type of breathing is reserved for Yoga masters, Spiritual teachers or people that have practiced this "art" for years. but we are beginning to realize that anyone - "common folks" - can practice this calming and balancing skill.

Why be concerned about deep breathing?
Great question. Some believe that they are already breathing properly. If you ever feel stressed or frustrated, try this simple test.

1) Lie down or sit upright and get comfortable

Understanding Your Passion


The difference between a goal and a Dream is not just setting a time frame for its attainment and then "making it happen." More and more people are beginning to realize that their old aspirations that they thought were going to make them happy actually make them even more unhappy. A new way of thinking has begun in large numbers. People returning to their Dreams. The Dreams of their Hearts.
Some call it "Living with a Purpose," others refer to it as "Right Livelihood."

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