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Visiting The Costa Blanca All Year Round

No matter what the season, Murcia is always a wonderful place to visit. Like all of the cities along the Costa Blanca, the weather is relatively mild all year round. Special natural blessings help to keep the average temperature of the Costa Blanca around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius). These blessings include the warm ocean breezes crossing the Mediterranean from Africa and mountains to the west that protect the area from the cold air of the rest of Europe.


Denia, Spain Is A Great Place To Visit

The northern part of the Costa Blanca has many lovely cities, and Denia is surely one of the loveliest. The Costa Blanca extends from Denia in the north to Torrevieja in the south. The weather in this area is typical of the rest of the Costa Blanca: hot summers, warm springs and falls, and temperate winters. There is very little rainfall in any part of the Costa Blanca, so the city of Denia boasts an average of about 320 sunny days every year.

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