Lynne Eisaguirre

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What to Do When a Co-Worker Drives You Crazy

Maybe the guy in the cubicle next to you smacks his gum all day, or maybe he's a loud-talker. Could be your nemesis at work is constantly complaining and spewing negative comments. Whoever is bothering you at work can have the power to turn a good day into a bad one. Reclaim your sanity and find your workplace Zen with some tips on how to cope.

Is it them or you?


10 Steps to Use Workplace Conflict to Your Advantage

Is there such a thing as a good fight? The willingness to embrace conflict and turn a bad fight into a good one is a hallmark of a great leader. And if you want to learn, there are steps you can take to help turn negative conflicts into creative opportunities.

1) Don't Despair, Prepare!

First, and most importantly, know that sometimes it's best to walk away from conflict. Know your `exit point' -– the point at which it makes more sense to walk away from a conflict than it does to work to manage the issue. There are times that it will be your best option.

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