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How Do I Know If I Have Pre-Diabetes?

In order to know whether you have pre-diabetes or not, it is helpful to understand exactly what pre-diabetes means. The term pre-diabetes is used to describe the state between normal blood sugar and type 2 diabetes. At one time, physicians used to refer to pre-diabetes as "having a touch of sugar," or "borderline diabetes". Fortunately, these terms are no longer used! Somehow having a touch of sugar does not convey the urgency or importance of taking steps to correct a potentially serious health issue.

Eating for Pre-Diabetes is Easier Than You Think!

Many people who learn they have pre-diabetes believe that they will need to make drastic changes in the way that they eat. Actually, the components of a healthful pre-diabetes meal plan works much in the same way that any healthy eating plan would work. By following a few simple principles, the person with pre-diabetes can benefit considerably. A well thought out eating plan should focus on portion control and a variety of nutrient dense foods. Weight loss, blood sugar control and improved nutrition are the most obvious benefits when you begin to eat in this way.

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