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Timing of your meals influence your body weight

There is a Russian saying, "Eat your breakfast alone, share part of your lunch with a friend, and give your whole dinner to your enemy". It bascially means that your breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day followed by modest lunch and a light dinner. I would assume that this proverb originated from health observations over centuries, rather than the desire to lose weight since we have only been pre-occupied with weight loss since processed foods became popular.

Thinking About Another Diet? Think Again!

For those of you who have made multiple attempts at weight loss, following the latest diet craze is hard to resist. After all, even though other diets have failed, you may think the latest new diet might finally be "the one that works". Remember The Cookie Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The Cabbage Soup Diet or The HCG diet? One diet even recommended eating cotton balls before meals! These crazy ideas can be hazardous to your health. Do you know anyone who went on a crazy diet, lost weight and kept it off?

Losing Weight - The Addiction of Comfort Food

Its very name is appealing - comfort food. What could be more wonderful than a food that helps us feel better? Almost everyone can name something that they eat when they're just feeling sour or sad. Chinese take-out, chocolate cake, raspberry ice cream, banana pancakes and many others make the list.

Of course, we know that food can't be the solution to our problems, especially the problem of trying to lose weight and keep it off. So why do we find ourselves trapped in the eat/feel better/feel worse/eat some more cycle?

The Basics

The Truth About Counting Calories to Lose Weight

Ask nearly anyone the secret to long-lasting weight loss and you'll likely hear some variation on calories in versus calories out. Seems pretty obvious then, that in order to lose weight successfully, you have to start by knowing how many calories to consume.

10 Foods You Should Avoid At All Cost When Doing Weight Loss


1. Fried Foods That Are Frightening

Deep fried foods are nutritionally bad for you. But the only thing you are going to create is havoc with your weight loss diet.

2. Steakhouse Stories That Scare

Your local neighborhood restaurant or steakhouse may be a Nutritional Nightmare.

Fried onions that are considered a Starter Dish are so full of Calories, Fat, and Saturated Fat and with a high Salt content. For the sake of your health, be sure you know your onions.

3. Manufacturers Mislead Many

Weight Loss: Drop The Rules

What is one of the hardest parts about following a restrictive diet? I've found most people struggle to follow the diet totally and usually end up feeling as if they've failed.

I believe that it's not you who've failed; it's the diet that's failed you. Most diets have too many rules. First, it makes it difficult for you to put all the rules into practice from day one. Second, most of us, as normal human beings, don't want to be held down by rules, so we start to feel rebellious.

5 Best Ways to Burn Fat

The average American gains five pounds a year, every year over the age of thirty. Some estimate that 50 or even 60 percent of our society is overweight. Of course, the best way to avoid obesity is to resist temptation and never let these unwanted calories cross your lips in the first place. But is there a moderate, practical approach that will allow us to balance the love of food with exercise and prevent
this gradual, but seemingly "inevitable", weight gain? In addition to restricting unnecessary calories, there is much you can do.

Number One -Cardiovascular Exercise

The #1 Factor in Weight Loss and Fitness

Just the other day, someone asked me what I thought was the #1 "Most Important Factor" in determining how fit you became.

They wanted to know if it was Cardio, Weight Training, or Proper Nutrition.

I think my answer may have puzzled him a bit because I said it was none of those.

After I thought about the question for a few minutes, I told him that there was a more important factor that preceded any of those he mentioned.

I told him it was your attitude that determined your fitness levels and what type of conditioning you'll achieve.

Help For Losing Weight And Eating Healthy

New diets and miracle weight loss solutions are always being advertised. These normally cost people a ton of money and lost weight is normally quickly regained. People tend to focus more on the quick weight loss formulae that often harm the body and make it harder to keep off lost pounds.

Did You Lose Water Weight or Fat?

Many diets make you lose water weight! It's a dirty secret that the weight loss industry would rather keep under wraps. You've seen it thousands of times - a brand new weight loss product comes on the market promising to help you lose huge amounts of weight in a very short period of time. They then show you glowing testimonials of people who were able to achieve those miraculous results.

What they will often leave out is that those people in the testimonials and the weight that you would lose with the product is not fat!

"Why Does It Matter? I Just Want to Weigh Less..."

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