Leah Grant

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The Faith Versus Fear Mindset


Several years ago, I went skydiving. Obviously falling out of a plane 10,000+ feet above ground isn’t the safest thing you can do. To limit their liability and make sure everyone understood the waiver we were required to sign, skydiving companies have participants sit through an hour long presentation that details the things that can go wrong with your parachute and possible (but not probable) ways to fix those while plummeting to the ground at warp speed.


What’s Stopping You?


You’ve been talking about pursuing your dream since high school. You’ve been stuffing a file with places you’d like to travel since you got your first job. You’ve envisioned what your boutique store would look like for years, even driving around searching for the perfect location, yet you’ve never taken that next step.

So, what’s stopping you?

In my coaching with clients they regularly share the obstacles that are stopping them from moving forward. At least fifty percent of the time, these items are perceived, not real.

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