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Timing of your meals influence your body weight

There is a Russian saying, "Eat your breakfast alone, share part of your lunch with a friend, and give your whole dinner to your enemy". It bascially means that your breakfast should be your heaviest meal of the day followed by modest lunch and a light dinner. I would assume that this proverb originated from health observations over centuries, rather than the desire to lose weight since we have only been pre-occupied with weight loss since processed foods became popular.


A day in Rome

A day in Rome
Rome is without a doubt among the most amazing cities in the world. If you only have one day to visit Rome, you should focus on the remains of Ancient Rome. Best of all, you can see all of it by walking.

Attractions in and around downtown Halifax

Halifax is a lively waterfront city with a rich history. It has a relatively mild climate compared to the rest of Canada. Halifax offers plenty to see and do whether you enjoy arts & culture, sight-seeing, history or water activities. Most of the best attractions are within walking distance in downtown.

- Citadel Hill
- Old Town Clock
- Public Gardens
- Halifax Boardwalk
- Halifax Harbour Ferry
- World Peace Pavilion
- Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
- Canadian Museum of Immigration
- Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
- McNab Island
- Point Pleasant

Citadel Hill

Save electricity, save money, save the environment

Many people associate reducing greenhouse gas emissions with wind turbines, solar panels, and hybrid cars. Most people believe that reducing greenhouse gas emissions would require significant monetary investments which will eventually pay off financially in decade or two. Few people realize that there is something much simpler and inexpensive that we all can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The easy solution is save electricity. How would saving electricity reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Isn't electricity clean? Not really.

Quick tips for home vacuum clean buyers

There is such a large variety of vacuum cleaners that choosing the right one can be a challenge. The following tips would help you narrow down to a few candidates which would fulfill most of your requirements.

  1. If you are going to be vacuuming mostly carpet, upright vacuums are better. Canister vacuums are more suitable for floor vacuuming. Also note that canister vacuums are easier to use around stairs and tight spots.

What is 720p, 900p, 1080p

720p, 900p, and 1080p refer to pixel resolutions. These numbers appear in monitor resolution specifications, digital camera video resolutions, and anywhere else resolution is specified. They refer to 1280x720, 1440x900, 1920x1080 respectively. Certain manufacturers are using these number to represent different resolutions. For example, Dell could mean 1600x900 by 900p. Therefore, it is always a good idea cross-check the meaning of these values.

The following tool allows user to calculate pixels per inch (ppi).

Remedy for chicken pox itching

The most painful aspect of chicken pox is itching. Although there is no cure for this itching, there are ways to reduce itching and the itching doesn't last longer that the chicken pox outbreak.

1. Bathe is lukewarm water and then dry the skin thoroughly by padding with a towel. Don't rub the towel against the skin.
2. Hydration is the key. Drink lots of water and fresh juices. Avoid coffee and tea.
3. Lie on soft and smooth fabric. Avoid furry fabric.

The natural reaction to itching is scratching. Scratching only irritates the skin and cause more pain and discomfort.

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