Codi Morieta

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The Art Of Listening

Everyone has a story to tell. However, not everyone may be willing to listen. Sometimes, we are amazed - in an unpleasant way – over the fact that we have not been paying attention to the one speaking to us. At some point along the story, our mind has wandered off, and we only drift back to reality when suddenly asked, “Are you still listening?”


Treating Neck And Back Injuries

Many people experience neck and back injuries on a frequent basis. Either from work related injuries or from just moving the wrong way. Your neck and back are easy to injure. There are many pills that you will be prescribed to relieve the pain. But these pills do not fix the problem, they only dull the pain for a small period of time. More frequently, alternative treatments are being used to cure these injuries. Injuries of the neck and back can be some of the more painful injuries and you will find yourself debilitated for that period of time while waiting for your pills to work.

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