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Your Most Valued Strength

I recently learned of a research organization that asked several thousand people, "What are the most serious faults of executives in
dealing with their associates and subordinates?" Several could be chosen. What do you think was mentioned most often? Here is the list:

1. 15% Bias and letting emotions rule
2. 15% Indecision
3. 21% Miscellaneous, which includes lack of courtesy, loss of temper, sarcasm, jealousy, nervousness, etc.
4. 17% Failure to delegate authority
5. 17% Arrogance
6. 17% Arbitrariness
7. 19% Lack of frankness and sincerity
8. 24% Lack of leadership

Learn To Speak Their Language

A woman was explaining her theory of putting her children to bed: "I never tell bedtime stories that begin with 'Once upon a time,'" she said. "If I really want to put them to sleep, I start off with, 'Now, when I was your age...'" It's nice to understand people so well that we know just what to say! Here is a mother who could speak her children's language.

The story is told of the most famous elephant in the world -- a huge, beautiful and gentle beast named Bozo. Children extended open palms

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