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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction or alcoholism can be defined as a compulsive requirement for an intoxicating drink that is derived from a fruit or fermented grain. The drink may be anything from wine, beer, whiskey or rum.

Intake of alcohol becomes addiction when a person craves for consumption of alcohol & is unable to limit the drink. A person can be termed as alcoholic if he or she experiences, certain withdrawal symptoms like sweating, anxiety, nausea. A person can also be called an alcoholic if he wants to have greater amounts of alcohol to experience a high.

The Alarming Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol addiction is often referred to as an obsessive need for a compulsive liquid that is produced from fermented fruits. These liquids are often classified as wine, beer and any other hard liquor. Alcoholism may be present or is already developing within a person’s system when a person starts to crave for alcohol and cannot limit his drinking habit. If you are experiencing shakiness, anxiety or sweating when alcohol drinking has stopped, or when drinking consumption gets high, you are likely to be an alcohol addict that needs alcohol addiction treatment.

Signs of Alcoholism in Women

Alcohol abuse has now become a common problem among men and women. Particularly, women have to face a lot of negative consequences due to alcoholism. Many women are dying at the age of 35 to 55 mainly due to the problems caused by alcohol addiction.

Physical Effects of Alcohol

The effect of alcohol has more impact on the brain as different parts of the brain are more sensitive than the other parts of the body. The transmission of the impulses in the brain and the nervous system can get damaged due to excessive drinking of alcohol. Chronic abuse of alcohol damages a person physically and mentally. Loss of balance, impotency, lack of sensation of feet and hands, shiver and blindness are the physical effects of alcohol abuse. Mental effects of alcohol are lack of intellectual abilities, unable to learn and mental confusion.

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