Brett Krkosska

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How To Survive Your First Year in Business

What's the best way to create a profitable business? A business you really love that makes the kind of money you really want?

Planning, planning, and more planning.

Before jumping head-long into a new business, you must lay the foundation for long-term success. A good foundation is rooted in a solid plan.

Many new businesses skip what is perhaps the most important part of a solid business plan... assessing individual strengths and weaknesses.

But does a self-assured, go-getter such as yourself really need to do a self-analysis?

Setting Goals Keep All Your Geese In A Row

I'm the type that enjoys making resolutions. I really don't like calling them resolutions though. I'd rather stick with the word goals. Resolutions seem to be infected by a kind of "black or white" syndrome. You make a resolution, and if it doesn't work, oh well. Resolutions made for the new year are a perfect example of this syndrome.

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