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Make Meditation a Part of Your Lifestyle

By now, you’ve already heard about the growing list of benefits of meditation. The question is, how can you make sure you can really enjoy all of them? The answer is by making it a part of your lifestyle. This means you’re not going to do this only a few times a week. In fact, Buddhist or Tibetan monks meditate not only in few minutes but for several hours. There are others who can meditate for days.

Common mistakes people make when adopting eco-friendly lifestyles

I know many people who took ambitious steps to adopt eco-friendly but reverted back to their old lifestyles within short periods of time. The moral of their experience is that it is either too expensive, too difficult, or impractical to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Yet increasing number of people who succeeded in reducing their environmental footprint and are living healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. They dismiss the arguments of too expensive, too difficult, and impractical.

Lifestyle May Affect Baldness More Than Genetics

Most people assume that male pattern baldness is genetic. In fact, there is even evidence that shows that the "baldness gene" is passed down from the mother's side of the family. However, I'd like to propose that "genetic baldness" is not a done deal. I believe there is a PROCLIVITY towards baldness that is passed down and inherited. But the actual hair loss occurs when this genetic tendency is COMBINED with certain lifestyle events.

Some Lifestyle Changes May Help You Cure Diabetes

You have to lift yourself up. You are the cause of your downfall. You are your best friend. You are your worst enemy...Thus goes the great saying.

The top is always vacant! The wise counsel is in demand everywhere. The best is yet to happen in your life! Life is nothing but a series of endless changes. The moment to moment changes.

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