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Setting Goals: Want What You Really Want

Most of us only focus on goals we believe are realistic, or reasonably within our grasp. But to achieve true success and happiness we must allow ourselves to dream about the things we really want, no matter how big these things might be. This article will help you move past your limitations and focus your energies on your highest goals.

Take just a minute to consider how you want your life to look five years from now. Think about your ideal standard of living.

How much money will you have?

What will you be doing for a living?

Where will you live and what will your home be like?

What do You Want?


For many people the first thoughts will be for unlimited of money, the house of their dreams, the car of their choice (or perhaps several cars), maybe even the luxury yacht and world travel to exciting destinations anywhere but where you are now. Of course this will come complete with a perfect soul mate to share it all with.

All over the world people are looking for the elusive key that will provide them with all the wealth, health and happiness that they can ever imagine.

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