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Prescription For Peace

Many years ago, Dr. A. J. Cronin occasionally prescribed an unusual treatment for some of his patients who were feeling “blue,” “down,” orgenerally blah. He would insist that for six weeks the patient say, “Thank you” for every kindness and keep a record of it. According to Dr. Cronin, he had a remarkable cure rate.

Appreciating What You Have In Your Life

Sometimes it's difficult to appreciate what you have in your life because you might be looking at and longing for what you don't have.

When you can be grateful for the love and abundance in your life right now, you are less likely to be stressed or anxious about what you feel is missing or lacking.

This isn't always easy since the grass can look pretty lush and green on the other side of the fence, so to speak.

How An "Attitude Of Gratitude" Can Help Us

It is easy for any of us to sometimes think that we have more problems than we can deal with, or to feel we are in a rut and can't see any way out. We may sometimes feel that we've been dealt a lousy hand in the game of life compared to other, luckier people; or even to just plain feel sorry for ourselves.
It's generally accepted that we become and attract what we spend most of our time thinking about. Therefore, it follows that if we concentrate on our problems and the negative things in our lives, we are more likely to get more of the same.

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