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11 Unusual Tips for Great Listening Skills

11 Unusual Tips for Great Listening Skills Would you like to improve your listening skills when you communicate? The life blood of a relationship and the foundation of all human interaction is communication. One must have listening skills to be able to communicate. For communication to be effective, you must have understanding, honesty, kindness, and respect. Active listening is a vital part of good communication. Most communication experts recommend the following traits to be a good listener.

The Art Of Listening

Good listening is not just looking at someone and nodding your head in agreement. You have to acknowledge what is being said and let the other person know that you understand. The more you can acknowledge what is being said, the greater ability you have to persuade and influence. Why? Because the person speaking with you will feel important and understood (Law of Esteem). Why is listening so difficult for most of us? Why is it that when two people get together and talk, they both walk away with two completely different views about the conversation?

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