take charge

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Taking Charge of Your Life

How do you live your life? At cause or at effect? It is important to be aware of this distinction. It is the rare individual who always lives his or her life at cause; however, far too many of us live a large portion of our lives at effect - responding to the whims, desires or emotional states of others.

Take Charge - Assertiveness And Goals

You think you know what you want. But how do you get it? And do you really want it? I felt fed up. So, I went to the airport. "Please sell me a ticket to somewhere lovely," I asked. Yes sir, where specifically? "Oh, somewhere that I'll feel great and at ease with myself!" Yes, but I need to know where, specifically! "Uh, yeah, look, just sell me ticket to somewhere great, OK?" Well, take this ticket. I've always wanted to go there! "Thanks!"

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