stress management

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How Do You Focus on Positive Responses to Stress?

When we encounter stress, like financial, economic or business stress, we may respond positively and proactively or negatively. Negative responses include drinking, smoking, and comfort eating which can damage our health. How do you focus on positive responses to stress?

Notes from a conversation with Janis Pullen, Transformational Coach:

Use Stress Management Tools To Live Life To Its The Fullest

When you talk about the stress management tools, am I to presume that you know the root cause of your stress? When you take the tool kit to repair something, it is presumed that you have the capability to know the fault and you will use the tools to the needful end. Stress management tools are somewhat like that. They work better for you when you know about your stressors.

However, if you do not know the cause of your stress, the tools discussed in this article will still assist you in managing your stress. They will mainly help you reduce the level of stress.

Personal Stress Management: Tips To Manage Your Stress

Stress is viewed as almost natural in our busy modern day lives but there are a number of things you can do to positively affect your personal stress management. Here are some tips to help you to reduce the stress in your everyday life.

1. Get more exercise

When you exercise your body releases "happy" chemicals called endorphins. These help you to feel better and are a much better

Stress Management

The fast pace of life is taking toll on every city dweller, right from students to home makers and workers to managers, every body is hit by the bug of the stress. Modern technological development and communication aids are adding to the stress because of their high speed. Traveling, exams, admissions etc. at times are too stressful for students as well as parents living hectic lifestyle.

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