Deanna Mascle

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How Do You Learn?

When I was in junior high and high school I really had to work hard to earn good grades. Then my freshman year in high school I made a marvelous discovery. I learned how to study.

I had been practising good study habits for years, but the problem was that the methods I had been taught were not the most effective for my particular learning style. When I discovered, quite by accident, the methods that were the best match for my individual learning style the difference was
immediately apparent. My grades increased and I had to spend a lot less time studying to achieve those better results!

Reap Your Own Happiness

One of my favorite expressions is that "you reap what you sow". While I often hear it used negatively by someone who expects some "chickens to come home to roost" I prefer to think of it as something positive. How comforting to think that all our hard work and toil will be rewarded with a crop of something good? How wonderful to think that putting love and care into some project or person will indeed be rewarded.

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