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Science of Success - Achievement

When I was younger and still naive I had big dreams and always thought of having anything I wanted and being anything I wanted to be. However just like many other people from all walks of life I was told you can't do this or you can't do that, basically being told that I can not be a success.

I just needed to get a job and work hard, basically going along with the herd. Fact is I was already a success in my own little way at that time and as I am now even a bigger success in my own right today and I will always be a success in one form or the other.

Never Settle For Ordinary!

I have discovered a common attribute among successful people no matter the age, profession or location in the world ... they never settle for ordinary.

Every Failure Is An Opportunity In Disguise

As much as we would all love to live an easy life with endless resources and finances, most people might admit that life would be pretty monotonous if there were no obstacles or failures. Evidence of this might be seen by watching the celebrity gossip television programs, where the rich and famous of Hollywood seem to bounce from one crisis to another, seemingly bored of living the good life. How many times have you watch such stories in the news, and thought what you would do to benefit humanity if you could have their vast resources of wealth, power and influence.

Top Ten Personal Habits

Successful people have a regular routine of daily or weekly habits that reinforce the things that are most important to them. By practicing a set of personal success habits, they maintain a positive outlook, keep focused on their priorities, have more energy, and a greater sense of satisfaction with life.

As you read this list of the top ten personal habits, you might think that most of these are nothing new. And you're probably right. These are pretty basic habits - not rocket science. The key to personal success habits is that you do them consistently.

Seven Strategies for Inflating Your Success

When I ask people to describe characteristics of successful people, they often identify characteristics that they associate with others but not themselves. This never ceases to amaze me.

In a recent Red Ladder survey, respondents indicated that the top two drivers for success were 1) having a strategic vision (87.5%) and 2) having written goals (50.0%). Further, 62.5% indicated that their definition of success was "work that is both challenging and rewarding." Interestingly, no one indicated that their definition of success was "being financially secure."

4 Great Ways To Build Self Confidence

You have probably noticed those people at work, school, and in your daily life that always appear to be self confident and on top of world.

Everything seems to go right for these people and they always seem to present themselves as calm, collected and successful in everything they do.

If you are paying attention you have probably noticed that these self confident people usually are successful in every area of their lives.

Is this because they are smarter? Or is it because they have more money? Maybe they are just lucky?

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