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Looking Natural Looks Better on You

The best way to apply make up, is to apply is so that it looks like you're not wearing any. In other words: Natural makes you look best. Some people refer to this make up style as minimalist, nude, sheer, and au natural... all of which simply mean: Less is more.

An easy way to achieve an all natural look with your makeup, is to buy products which refer to themselves as "invisible".

How To Make Money With Photography

There are many ways to make money online with photography, but a popular and fairly new way is through Micro Stock Photography websites.
Micro stock photography is simply stock photography that's sold at deep discounts. Clients are able to license stock photos for just $1 or $2, and photographers earn money each time a client chooses one of their photos.


Creating a Family Reading Room

Among all the rooms in the house, the spare room tends to be the most neglected and under-utilized. After all, it's called a spare room because no one really uses it. The room can come in handy for a lot of things though. Having a spare in case friends or relatives stop by is great, but let us take a look at a more useful and useable idea for this room that your family will love:

GCLEP 468x60_4 Create a Family Reading Room


6 Fun Fitness Activities

Exercising and staying fit doesn't have to mean hard work. Simply being active will help you get or stay in good shape. So with that said, here are some enjoyable activities that can help with your fitness goals too.

When you ask many adults when the last time they rode a bike is, they cannot answer. Although bicycling is a favorite pastime, many adults do not take advantage of this great option for exercise. Not only does bike riding exercise the body and build a stronger cardiovascular system, it allows you to get out and enjoy nature, fresh air, and see new sites.


How Garlic Can Fight - and Cure - Ear Infections

Many people today know that garlic has a large number of health and wellness benefits. Most of these people however, tend to take garlic in pill or capsule form, and without realizing it: They could be losing out on many of the additional benefits this herb provides.

I discovered the true power of fresh garlic a little over 15 years ago. My oldest son had chronic ear infections starting from a very young age, and he was on prescription antibiotics almost constantly. He ended up having drainage tubes surgically placed in his ears about

5 or 6 times.


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