strength training

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Why Weight Lifting Should Be A Part Of Your Weekly Routine


No matter how old you are, weight lifting should be a large part of your exercise program, according to the American College of Sports. A simple strength training program is easy to fit into your weekly schedule, and can help you stay thin while reducing the risk of bone loss later in life.

5 Tools That Lead to a Happier & Healthier Life

If you have experienced a massage session, you already know the wonders a great massage can have on your mind and body. You know about the complete feeling of health and relaxation that overcomes your entire being. You know about the calmness that permeates throughout the therapy room. And you know about the subtle healing music that gently eases your tension away.

Strength Training and Osteoporosis

Hippocrates once said, "That which is used develops, and that which is not used wastes away." I like to believe that he is talking about strength training and its affect on osteoporosis. Strength training can be defined as any activity that places a heavier load on the muscles than it is typically used to. Osteoporosis is defined as a decrease in bone mass and density causing bones to become fragile.

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